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Late Summer.

How do  city people notice seasons coming and going?
 One of my friend said once: Oh, they started wearing sandals, it's Christmas then (that was way back, when people were mad on partying and going out and back then indeed  one can't be seen without sparkly sandals).

AS for spring and summer, it's obvious: allergy.
I've been wanting for summer to end right after it just stared.
I  checked "pollen count  today" updates routinely. I am not sure why I did that. I am not sure why they bother to measure (or count) all this crap that has been dispersed by all these plants and suspended in the air.
Why then I feel sad when it is almost over? Why am I looking at the sky:  Please one more sunny day? before the Inky Bear's nights come and take us all?
(if you don't know about Inky Bear's Night, I could tell you about it, but not right  now :)
 Till then I am having my Late Summer Party on my balcony with my plants, my allergies and a blackberry's sco…

Princess Chelsea - And I Love Her

Pikachunes - Nervous

it made me run and check if two of Pikachues I'm minding haven't escaped from the spare wardrobe...

Caro Emerald - I Belong To You (Official Video)

I'm listening to Caro Emerald a lot, mostly when I'm drawing, so... basically, I'm not watching..
it came as a surprise when I took time to have s look, so :)

Liquid Lunch is good too.
My previous obsession was Beethoven's concertos (thanks to Nodame Cantabile, an anime... :)
that's how it is in the Space Potato Land music-wise...

Oh, also I like the 12th Doctor! yeah, he's closer to my age, as they say... old.

White Cat painting.