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Cloud Kitten.

Cloud Kitten.
Once upon a time there was a Sky Maiden. She lived high up in the sky and she had a job. She was looking after the clouds. It wasn't easy because there were so many clouds. Some were very large and looked like warm cosy blankets. They liked to spread across the sky and take a lot of space. Others look like gigantic muchrooms one day and large cotton balls on other days. They seemed to be harmless but turned out to be really dangerous if disturbed . They were thunderous and cried easily.  There were also thin clouds made from ice crystals.  They were beautiful, wispy and feathery. They were a little bit snobby and very demanding. They didn't like to talk with the others and Sky Maiden have to climb very high up just to count them. It is very cold up in the sky and Sky Maiden was afraid what she's going to have a frost bite one of these days.  Sky Maiden spent her days and nights looking after the clouds. New clouds were appearing all the time and they needed lots …

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At the Art of It: Mission Complete! Now What?: Hi Lovelies, It's chilly over here in Seattle and I need to wear warmer clothing ASAP. How is it going on your end? I hope swell. Anyw...