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Fox on Holiday.

We are happy to present "Fox on Holiday", a collection of summer memories as a part of the ongoing art project "As Told By Fox"! Enjoy!
Мы рады предложить Вашему вниманию небольшую подборку "Лис в отпуске", часть большего проекта "Про Лиса". Надеемся, что Вам понравится!

New Fox!

Loading #new #drawings #fox coming #soon #art #characters #stories#one_a_day#noise  Ah, well, new Fox drawings coming soon! Yeah, you should be #happy too :)
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My "Anna"

in United Arts Club auction  in Aid of Restoration Fund

viewing Saturday 11 October from 3 pm

auction to be held on Sunday 12 October from 3 pm