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Fox on Holiday. Hitching a ride home with total strangers.

Bye-bye! I'm off, see you soon! :) 

Fox on Holiday. Fox and The Moon.


Fox's Dance


Fox on Holiday. Uga-Uga-BOO!


Fox's Dance.


Fox on Holiday. New Games.

"Fox on Holiday", a collection of summer memories is a part of the ongoing art project "As Told By Fox"!
Fox at boules (or Pétanque ) games.

Надеемся, что Вам понравится! 
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I found out about the game is that  the objective is to throw the balls as close to a smaller ball (I read that it's called  a cochonnet  ("piglet") as possible and the balls are made out  metal and hollow. I noticed that many use a magnet on a string to pick up the ball from the ground.  Outdoors game, which is rather good, I think.  I've seen this game played in France, Switzerland and Ireland. Hope to learn how to play one day and have my own set of balls. (hahaha!)  Enjoy! Мы рады предложить Вашему вниманию небольшую подборку "Лис в отпуске", часть большего проекта "Про Лиса".
Игра в шары (петанк во Франции, у нас иногда петанк и lawn bowls, только тогда надо катить, а не бросать.) Цель: добросить/докатить  металлические шары как можно ближе к …