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This year my tiny balcony garden wasn't that beautiful, nothing special. I think because I didn't buy good planting material, hoping that my own will do which didn't perform well, basic mistake of some amateur gardeners.
On the bright side, my Schlumbergera is in bloom specially for the New Year (a little too late for Christmas though). It's a very young plant and has not too many flowers, one of each branch, 5 altogether, aw...
When I was a kid, my mother brought a cutting which grew into a strong big plant.  it was a little wonder to have flowers during long cold and frosty winter. I thought so, anyway. so here it is, my little wonder of this year.

в 2015 мой маленький цветник на балконе оставил желать лучшего, нечем даже хвастаться было. Потому что не купила хороший посадочный материал!
зато декабрист расцвел в декабре!
У нас всегда был такой цветок, в пору моего детства, когда зимы были снежные и долгие, цветение заморского бразильского чуда было событием! 
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