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А ну-ка песню нам пропой, веселый ветер!

Проснулась утром, открыла балкон, и вспомнила: Веселый ветер. Ветерок и правда был весенний и веселый.
1936 - Дети капитана Гранта (Deti kapitana Granta), Soviet Union, directed by Vladimir Vajnshtok and starring Nikolai Cherkasov, film score composed by Isaak Dunayevsky. The film was released in USA as Captain Grant's Children. (see Deti kapitana G at the Internet Movie Database).

Tiny Tram and it's own book.

Look inside!

A self-initiated project, 32 pages picture book. I wrote a story and did illustration art, designed the book, self-published. Learn a lot while doing this project, got a huge respect for people who do that all the time.
This is an easy way to add an extra sparkle to my expo, people love to hear a story or two.
Крошка Трамвайчик и его собственная книжка.
Можно уже хвастаться!
А стоит он на громадном ластике.