I don't know what has happened with a site I used to make collage with (Polyvore) but lots of my shared posts posts became invisible so the blog is looking very messy.
Sure it'll be grand:)
would it be nice to start blogging again, would't it?
I feel strange about FB recently, maybe it's time to go back to this old good blog of mine.
UPD: OK. I've cleaned my blog, it's more or less coherent.
Wanted to see what I've been doing a few years back :)
my recent artist's endeavours weren't that exiting, as I was trying to do other things and "make things happen".  they didn't oblige though. Or they happen in disguise and work out in a different way, I just don't notice it? Hope so.

the notable stuff from the past:
June 2015 a two people expo in Custom House Gallery, Westport.
it was a strange experience as my Father died in May and I took it really hard, I didn't expect feeling so utterly sad and lost. I thought that grow-ups cope with their parent's death better. Apparently I was wrong.
but on the opening day my friend Kristina turned out unexpectedly, wearing a blue kimono-style dress and I was so happy to see a familiar face in the crowd!
this is the invite, it feels  strange to post it a few years after the event, but here I am, doing it the Blue Monkey way.
the invite
After this I've been doing a faire amount of other stuff like 3D sculptures and 3D art (using either Blender or Maya), little animations

and making a book about Tiny Tram :)
there were also a couple of attempts to participate in collaborative projects and projects (I hate that word, must use other), lots of doodling and some drawing.
now, 2018, what's new? 
I have no idea whatsoever. will see. 

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