As Told By Fox.

Urban foxes living in Dublin are not unusual. A Fox who claims to have an artist as his imaginary friend (and not the other way around) is one of the kind. Curious? Check it out! My works for ongoing project  As Told by Fox presents an opportunity to get to know him better.
With his first appearance in 2010 as a fox with a blue watering can on his head, a painting inspired by newspaper article about an urban fox's brush with harsh reality and his lucky escape, the Fox of Stillorgan has became a self-assured sophisticated creature, a main character and creator of carefully constructed world of his own.
His life is closely observed and documented in a form of painting, works on paper, stories, few recipes, You Tube videos and numerous blog posts.  

catalogue of paintings As Told By Fox.
also a few stories about Fox. 
paper book comes with a price 
it's also available as a ebook
free ebook download. 
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A Boy Who Thought He Was a Fox,
acrylic and oil on wood,
set of two, 9x24cm, 9x20 cm


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